Blue Light Glasses

Beatblu blue light glasses are designed to prevent or block out high energy blue light that is emitted portion of the light spectrum such as LED Light or the sun. No doubt, in the digital society, we are heavily relying on devices such as smart-phone screens, tablets, computer monitors and TV screens and it will only increase in the future. You can imagine all that amount of time exposure to the blue light, it will increase and continue build up which will lead to problems in the eye.


Research has found that high energy Blue light causes damage to the lens and the retina which can lead to headaches, eye strain, eye disease such as macular degeneration, retinal cell death, unreverseble damage and poor sight (hyperopia). It is even more alarming that children are more susceptible to blue light because of their crystalline lens is much clearer than an adult’s and is less effective in filtering out blue-light. Therefore it is not recommended for children being expose to that amount of blue-light. More evidence have been found that high-energy blue light suppresses the production melatonin in our body and can disrupt our body’s circadian rhythm (sleeping patterns). Studies have shown that exposure to blue light for couple of hours before sleep time reduces melatonin which delays deep REM sleep significantly.


Our lens technology offer all ranges of blue light glasses in various style and even colour lenses that is suitable to your lifestyle or even take on a collection! Rest assure if you are one of those people who suffer from digital eye strain, headaches, chronic headaches, migraine, sensitive to light, insomnia, depression and anxiety; Beatblu various collections will aid and improve your wellbeing by blocking out the blue light. As of the results? An immediate increase eye comfort because of the advance technology lenses contrast will help relax the eyes. Viola!

The best news is to not having to feel so guilty being on your electronic devices all day long. Kids too can still have devices time when wearing blue light glasses. Beatblu offers 4 different categories of advance blue light lens technology. Refer to COLOUR GUIDE to understand more about colour guide lenses.

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