Blue lite glasses blocks out invisible harmful blue rays from digital devices such as tv, mobile, computer and laptop that we can easily spent more than a little too much to our healthy eyes.

Beatblu offer 3 different colour lenses (clear, red, yellow) depending on the category is fitted best to you.

The clear lenses with a slight tint in shade not noticeable blocks out 70 to 80% of blue light. These are designed to only blocks out all harmful blue light and allow varies of (non harmful) blue light rays through in order to still enjoy the beautiful colours that we normally see.
These clear lenses offers comfort from eye strain, tiredness and blocking harmful blue that damages to the back of the eye (retina).


Our high quality advanced Red lenses block out 100% all blue light, violet light and green light. The rich red lens enables to promote induce sleep while surrounding artificial light that suppresses the production melatonin in our body which cause disruptive sleeping pattern. 

These lenses have promoted a better sleep, insomnia, ADHD, sports performance recovery, and macular degeneration. No need to be switching off your devices when wearing these therapeutic glasses before dark.

Best method to wear glasses prior 2 to 3 hours before sleep to set brain to sleep mode and do this every day as possible.


Our designed most advanced gaming glasses Australia are a great investment who are on daily technology devices and for professional gamers needing extra high performers eye-wear. This advanced yellow lens improve your level of play, improve vision and clarity because of its vivid contrast and the most important part to protect your eyes from playing your favourite game hours on end and can’t simply put down your controller. 

Yellow lenses significantly helps reduce stress and eye strain because of its high quality yellow colour aids vivid contrast and blocking blue light.

Gaming glasses Australia are used for various reason, blocks out blue light when you are staring at a computer, tablet, tv or other device for too long. Yellow lens promotes improve clarity, reduction of glare, and provide a lighter hue (yellow tint) which aids to see colours vividly, sharper and clearer which even its great for night driving. Our advance gaming glasses promotes to see better which helps you keep up with fast paced games by reduce blur or glare, provides enhanced definition for all games you enjoy playing.

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